Sunday, March 20, 2016

Prayer For Daughters

Lord God we pray for our daughters who are a reflection of their mothers. Lord God may they blossom in life, growth, and in the truth of Your Word. Father may daughters acknowledge You as their one and only true love and come to You in prayer and for a relationship. Daughters are precious and they model and mock what their mothers do. Lord, we pray for mothers all over the world to realize that society has a hold on their daughters, but if we keep watch and be diligent in prayer, Father we know that Your Word prevails. May our daughters become the virtuous woman someday, may she be respectful and humble. We thank You Father for the gift of daughters in Jesus's Name. Amen.

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Friday, March 18, 2016

Prayer for Mothers Who Pray

Dear Lord, my God, I pray for all of the mothers in the world; biological mothers, step mothers, adoptive mothers, grand mothers, and anyone who served as a mother to a child. Lord I pray that we all come to You in humble prayer and in awe of your Great Power. Lord, we pray to be like Hannah, who prayed for Samuel and she was granted her request.

Lord God we pray for our children to be raised in the knowledge of the Lord God Almighty, in the Holy Spirit's presence. Lord God I pray that my child or children will accept Jesus as their Savior and to receive salvation. We pray Father for our kids/grown kids to become sincere men and women of God who seek the Lord daily. Amen.

Lord, we love You, Jesus we love You, Holy Spirit we love You. Lord we cast down negative imaginations, rebuke negative words to our children that we have said and we pray for change to take over in us and the lives of our children. Lord we pray to guard our mouth. Lord we pray that families come together. It's not about what we own or what kind of car we drive, it is about if we have that relationship with You Father.

Lord God we praise You, we glorify You in song, Lord we pray that we will always magnify Your name. Lord God we come to You to make our requests known and we pray that the will of God will become our priority. Thank You Lord for the future, for protection, for redemption, for salvation, for Your love, for favor, for faith, for joy, for peace. In Jesus Name, we pray. Amen.

THIS PRAYER IS FROM, "Mothers Who Pray" by Annette Journet Jaco

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